Welcome to the Sorensen-Root-Thompson Funeral Home website. The business is family owned and operated by Jerry and Val Thompson.
Our funeral business has a long history of service to the communities of Aitkin County. We have funeral homes located in Aitkin and McGregor, Minnesota.
We offer a complete range of quality services from traditional funerals to cremation. Our staff strives to meet the special needs of your family. It is our goal to support you throughout the arrangement process and to assist you in paying tribute to the memory of your loved one.
Our Staff
Jerry Thompson - Jerry was born and raised in Stillwater, MN. He graduated from the University of Minnesota Mortuary Science program in 1979. He was employed at funeral homes in Willmar, Bemidji and Walker. In 1986, he relocated to Aitkin, Minnesota to work for the Brenny Funeral Home. He and his wife, Val, became owners in 1990. They have three children: Jonathan, Bethany and Mackenzie.
Jason Brezinsky - Jason was born in Brainerd, MN and raised in Pine River, MN. His family owned Northland Funeral Home of Pine River and Pequot Lakes. He graduated from the University of Minnesota Mortuary Science program in 1997. He was employed at the Range Funeral Home in Virginia, MN and later returned to his family business. He and his family moved to Aitkin in 2000, when Jason began employment at Sorensen-Root-Thompson. He has three children: Jaron, Peyton and Brooklyn.
Our History
Initially, the Aitkin area was served by two funeral homes. The first was that of the Elmer Seavey family - having migrated from Maine to Aitkin. Mr. Seavey started a hardware store in the 1800's. He later started building some furniture and coffins in a nearby building. The second funeral home was originated by the Hartman Family in another downtown storefront.
During the 1940's, the funeral parlors moved from the main street and purchased large old Aitkin mansions. The Seaveys moved to the Hodgedon Home. The building remained a funeral home until 1962 when it was converted to law offices. The Hartmans moved to the Foley House - which is the current location of the Sorensen-Root-Thompson Funeral Home.
The two funeral homes were combined in the 1960's as Ivan Sorensen and Gordon Root became partners. The business then became known as Sorensen-Root Funeral Home. The Brenny Family of Little Falls, MN purchased the funeral home in the mid 1980's. During their period of ownership, the Brennys also purchased the McGregor Funeral Home. Jerry and Val Thompson became owners in 1990, when the Thompson name was added to the business. They continue to serve the families of the Aitkin and McGregor communities.