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Don and Paula Justen Irene was a great lady. Always had a smile for everyone she met. She will be missed. Condolences to her family

Leona Giffrow Dressel
I just heard of the passing of Irene. In working with Steve and Mary and listening to wonderful stories of "Mom" it is as if I knew Irene personally for many years. My favorite memory is hearing the story of the muskie catch. My favorite stories where hearing of her strong and committed faith. I am so sorry to hear of your loss. All of us now have a special angel watching over us. God's love.....Leona

Sandi (Kimball) Dreyfuss
Our families spent a lot of time together. I remember Irene and my mom getting together to write the "news" for the Aitkin and Isle papers. We went to 4-H meetings and I went to Sunday School and church with the Longs most Sundays. My dad loved Irene's divinity and would trade a Christmas tree for divinity every year. So often we would have " a little lunch" and sit around the table in our dining room with the Longs, laughing and sharing stories. Irene was an incredible person. I would always love to get off the school bus at their house. She always welcomed me as one of her own. I loved you and will miss you.

Joanne Roseberg Johnson
I remember Irene as my mother's good friend, a good neighbor, and a good cook and baker. Irene still continued to connect to our family, and loved to come to events, and send us all Christmas cards and letters. I will miss those.

Jack & Rhonda French and Family
The memory of the righteous is blessed. I remember Aunt Irene telling my Daddy just three short years ago at my mama's funeral,..."Now Earl, you can't give up, there are still many people that need to know Jesus." However, Daddy went home to be with Jesus exactly two weeks after mama did. But that didn't stop Aunt Irene. She kept on telling people of Jesus love and lived her life in a way that completely demonstrated that love. I will miss Aunt Irene dearly and our phone conversations, which she always kept brief, because 'she didn't want to keep me on the phone too long'. Aunt Irene's life was so much more than just the date of her birth and the date of her death. It was the "dash" between the two, which leaves a legacy of laughter, smiles, hugs, love, and memories for each and every person who had the joy of knowing her. I pray that all of our lives will be as full and complete as my Aunt Irene's. To my cousins and their families...remember Jesus..., and treasure every precious memory you have of your mama. I love you all....Cousin Rhonda

Toni Jackson
I was so fortunate to meet Irene only recently. I loved visiting with her and hearing her fish stories. She was such an interesting lady. I am so lucky I am Renee's friend and she brought me along on a number of trips to see this great lady. My love to you dear Irene.

Brian & Laurie Simonson
Irene's earthly body will no longer be seen at Bethesda Lutheran church, but we are sure her spirit, full of positivity and love, will help guide our church for years to come. Our deepest condolences to her large, wonderful family, but congratulations to Irene for winning the race and reuniting with her loved ones in heaven.

Irene was such a lovely person. She always was such an up beat person, she could always make you smile. I know I will miss her and her Church family at Bethesda Lutheran of Malmo will miss her so much also. If it was not for her we would not even have our church in Malmo. Even though I have only known Irene for the last 16 years, she has been such an inspiration to me and my family. Rest in peace Irene and enjoy your time in heaven with your Savior, Jesus Christ!! Your faith has set you free!

Renee Burman
Aunt Irene what a wonderful lady.I remember her having a great LOVE for all. When I was little my brother and I spent time on the farm, when it was time to go home Irene stood in the middle of the road and flagged down the greyhound bus to get us back to Mpls. with a bagged lunch in hand for the ride home. Irene went to town to buy some "store bought milk" for me because I would not drink "cows milk". I remember her tell the store clerk "it`s bad when a dairy farmer has to come to town to buy milk". I remember her making huge meals for the threshing crew, lots of pickles,always something sweet to eat,husking corn under the pine trees on the farm,the big garden she had, her picking peas and us kids shelling them with an occasional shout out from the kitchen "now don`t go eating all the peas we need some for supper" I remember the Saturday night baths in the old wash tub so we would be clean for Sunday school. When she would lay the wet mittens from our playing in the snow on the stove in the living room and you would here her call out "I smell the mittens someone turn them over or take them off". All the Aunts and Uncles and all the cousins filling up her house when we came up for the weekends, such a great time to be with them all. Oh and the beautiful flowering plants she could grow, she had a green thumb. As the years past on she loved to fish and the pictures she sent of the big fish. She always had a big smile on her face. Any party or event you knew Irene would always there. When she was in the assisted living apartment she would call 2-3 times a week we always talked about the weather and then she would say you`er like a daughter to me and I would say you`er like a mother to me and the call would end with Irene saying I LOVE YOU and I`d say I LOVE YOU MORE and she would chuckle and we would say good-bye. Good-bey Irene, I LOVE YOU MORE.

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