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Patricia Perry and Richard Perry
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Melvin was an angel I must tell of the experience my family and I had with him. I was stuck in my driveway on a winter day my daughter and I. Along came Met and took his caddilac and pushed us out. Then just left I couldn't even thank him. Two weeks later he comes over with gloves boots and a coat as he seen my daughter wasn't dressed for winter. That month I had a heart attack.god blessed and I survived Met stopped over from Tim to time bringing fruit, milk and canned goods .we sat at the table all talking about all his adventures in the army we were hanging on every word in awe. He stopped from time to time and we thought of him as our Father and great friend he travelled alot we never knew where he was but always stopped in to give a few dollars or food and we had dinner together I can tell you this man was charismatic, charming delightful. Always dressed in suit and a tie. The kindness and love this man bestowed on my family and I could only be heaven sent we could not thank him enough. This man did so many kindnesses and asked for nothing g in return. He left town and we hadn't heRd from him he said we were his family, even outfit and cat he enjoyed. I tried many times to find him as he moved so often in hospitals or something when he'd call but never did I get to hug him one more time. I pray God whom he always preached of to us, watched over him. I pray heaven opened up those pearly gates and gloriously walked him through. He was a man who was selfless in his kindness and today I found this obituary and my heart and soul is so heavy with grief. I wish you would know how wonderful and kind this man was. I lived seeing his picture with a beautiful smile. I think that God had his back. I pray his parents and his sisters all were there to welcome him. I pray I see him again. I cannot praise this man enough. I only wished he contacted us more but he must of been so busy always on the go. I write him many times to tell him how my h he meant to us. His stories, his presence commanded deep respect. I wish we could of known where he was to spend more time and then to go to his funeral and pay our last respects. There are not many men like this Angel who would care for strangers the way he did. I will pray that his soul reaches his divine Jesus. He will be in our heart forever. I will never forgot him ever ...God love you Melvin..We will always Love and cherish your beloved memory..can't say enough about him there was so much good this man did for the war effort for his country he loved. He sacrificed so much. I wish him love and perpetual light shine upon him always and forevermore....always missing and thinking of you my friend And surrogate Father . ...........

Rollie and ardis Flowers
It was great to visit with Melvin and hear of his adventures He was a true Veteran and enjoy life.

Randy & Cheryl Stauter
Our thoughts and prayers are with Melvin's family. We enjoyed having him come to the Glory Baptist Church when Randy was the pastor there. He always had a smile and it was enjoyable to visit with him about all his adventures.

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