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Susan Samuelson
Ms. Kitty - I met you 3 years ago and started doing your hair for you. I remember being so nervous, so I looked at a picture of you in your room, and took it from there. You were pleased, but those weekly words "don't pat" will continue to echo in my ear, as you loved your hair fluffy! The stories that you shared with me were priceless, you lived an interesting life with so many people that loved you, and so many people that you cared for. I enjoyed spending Halloween nights with you handing out candy as you would always make the kids "sing a song" or "jump". You were so classy, always wanting your makeup and earrings on. I know that you are now resting and no longer in pain, but the world is gonna miss you "Special Lady" and I personally will cherish the fond memories that we created.

Margery Haugen’
A fine lady She knew so many and had a lot of friends She will be missed.

Jen Moen
Sorry to hear of Kit's passing. She was an interesting lady and will be missed by many.

Sheila Tracy Smith
I will always remember your deep love and friendship with Steve for my brother, Lennie. We will miss you, Kit.

Tricia and Tom Martin
Kit was the first person we met at church when we moved here 29years ago. She made us feel very welcome as was her nature in greeting and putting others before herself.

Rick Nelson
Condolences to Kit's family and friends. She was a very special person, and she will be missed very much.

Kathy Cooper
Dearest Kit, I am so sad to hear of your passing. You will surely be missed by me and so many friends and relatives. The last visit I had with you was so wonderful and you told some great stories of our family and Aitkin. I am devastated I cannot attend your funeral tomorrow as I am just now learning of your death. Please know that I am there with you in spirit. You were always so loving and affection to me, since I was a little girl. You generously paid for me to have piano lessons and always took good care of me. Love and peace to you.

Randy & Cheryl Stauter
Our thoughts and prayers are with Kit’s family and friends during this sad time. We enjoyed visiting with Kit when Randy visited her as the Hospice chaplain. Her stories and history of Aitkin was amazing! She will be greatly missed.

Mike ‘n Jake Carlson
You were a good friend, Kit. I will remember you for your help and support at Steve Kurtz Field. I’m sure Steve and Queenie the Airport Dog were there at the Bridge to meet you.

John Olsen
I am the adopted son of Kits late brother Arthur. I met Kit and the other brothers along with other family members in years past. I remember them fondly and send my best to all the surviving family members. Rest in peace Kit. John Olsen 12/31/17

Carol Forsberg
Many good memories of a long time friendship. Peace and comfort to the family.

Karen Packer
What a wonderful lady. I met her when I was a little girl and she was always very sweet.

Micki Johnson Simecek
Oh, Kit, How your passing is mourned for the absence you leave with us and celebrated for the Presence into which you have now entered! You have been not only the family historian, but also Aitkin’s historian and current events resource. You remained mentally vibrant and spiritually sound every day of your long life, bearing with fortitude the ailments of an aging body. Thank you for welcoming me when a new bride to the family. I have always treasured your hospitality and generosity, never letting a guest leave your presence without some token or gift. I will always cherish your slow smile that started on one side, showing your amusement with life’s humorous moments. Thank you for singing a Swedish lullaby when cuddling my grandson as a newborn, for calling me often after my husband passed, for always informing me of ongoing events. Life will be less interesting without bringing our visiting families to see Cousin Kit.. With no children of your own, you were wealthy with loving all the children of your extended family and so many more from our town. Your interest in our lives made us rich with all that you valued: faith in God, family roots and branches, pride in Scandinavian heritage, hard work, frugality, appreciation of others’ accomplishments in music, art, business and more. It has been a blessing to love you. Thanks for good memories. Now, you enjoy the rewards and delights God has stored up for you. See you in Heaven. Miss you so much

Heather Drake
God speed Aunt Kit..always in my heart.

Kimberly Heft Cook
Our deepest condolences to Kit's family. I will always remember how you would tell me that Grandma Morine would take a switch to your legs if she caught you wearing a skirt. She would say "cover those legs". I will miss you Kit. You were always lovingly entwined with our family. So if you see Grandma Morine in heaven tell her I am still looking for her midwife book!

Kaela McKinley
Light and love Aunt Kit!

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