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Lee Wencl
Any remembrance of McGregor would not be authentic, complete, and honorable without including a mention of this man. He was a fixture in the community, and the roots McGregor are better for his being such a staunch supporter. I will never forget his eagerness to help out Troop 76 when we needed it. The boy scouts all know what I'm talking about. God rest this kind soul.

Bill Thompson
Darrel helped me join the fire department in 1979. He supported young people and their efforts and was kind to us younger members of the department when we needed encouragement and guidance. Darrel and Jerry Monson nick named me "Tommy" so during or after a fire they would say "Tommy do this, Tommy do that". I followed their orders. God bless you friend.

Jack H.
Time has come that good men can no longer come to the aid of your country"OLY" did the best while with us in the past As we shared, were not here for a long time but just for a good-time memories of many moons gone by @ our Post Home some good and some not-so good The feeds,memorials donations, commnity and public servicework AND IN HIS OWN WAY FOR THE VILLAGE which he lived.Most will never know , all gone but never forgotten

Ted & Karen Johnson
Darrell was always a fun guy...and he and Jackie enjoyed many good times with my parents Warren and Reggie. He did a lot for our home town of McGregor. May he rest in peace knowing he served our town and our country well.

Brenda and LeRoy Nistler
So sorry for the Olson family Darrel was a great guy, always took the time to talk to you ,Darrell and Jackie had a lot to do with the community,he will be missed by this town you have our sympathy.

Dick AND Elaine Farah
working for and knowing Darrel for over 60 years were some of the best times I have ever had WILL MISS HIM

Red fredrickson
Poor Darrell , I thought he’d be here for ever .He was such a great guy and he had a great wife too .Thgey were most always together and seemed to be very happy, Darrell had done a lot for me over the years also , like he taught me how to haul oil ,how to score oil ,his favorite was , You gotta tell em what they wanna hear , than they will pay ya to empty the tanks ! I’d give anything to go back to those good old days . McGregor will never be the same again ! R I. P oLd. Friend. Save a spot for me

Joyce Fulton
Such fond memories of Years past sharing many civic endeavors with Darrel and Jackie, He was a great guy who loved our small town and gave a lot to help make it such a great place to live. Peace and Love to the Olson family.

Andy & Sherrie Wilson
Jackie and family, we send our prayers and love to you at this difficult time.

Strength prayers and hugs, Darrell had a huge impact on this community and will be greatly missed Charlie and Judy Seibert

Karol Lehman
Prayers of comfort to family and friends of Darrel! He will be missed.

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