Guestbook for Allan Lee Schlumpberger

Will miss your smile and friendship prayers are with you and your family Sorry for your loss

Mike Olson
Sorry for your lost, he was one of my favorite people and a great father in-law to me. Every time we saw each other in town we talked for quite a while, always good to talk with. He will be missed by many. Sincerely, Mike

Wes White
Dear Uncle Al, I will always remember you as someone who did not give up easily. You were a fighter right up to the end. Rest in peace.

Tonya Henderson
I am sorry for your lost Heidi I know how much you will miss your Dad. I will keep you and your family in my prayers. This is from all of us at PGIHH.

Jack Hooper
To the Family of AL my heartful thoughts and memories Gone but not forgotten;; Your millwork for me,you were a asset to the area, Our discussion on the best sleds, But mainly our "DOG - TALK; With regards-Respectfully

Don Pfeffer
I remember having great times with Allen when we lived just up the road from his family farm. I remember once he and borrowed lumber from his dad and we built a clubhouse or fort (my memory fails me) in the pasture. Needless to say,his dad made him tear it down. When we were in our teen years he would take me "joyriding" in his car .... but only if I bought the gas! He will be missed but I will always have those childhood memories. Don Pfeffer 34098 County 28 Motley, MN 56466

Randy Johnson
Sorry for your loss. I enjoyed knowing him and will be missed by many.

Joe Bermel
Rest in peace Uncle Allan, may you find peace and comfort in the arms of your loving God and Wife.

Cheryl sweeney
I am so sorry for your family. Will prayer for family that the healing process will be fast for you. But I know it will takes time as it's very hard to lose a loved one .I'm sure he is happy to be back with his wife. Will keep your family in my prayers. (Agian Joey I'm so sorry)

I love you daddy!

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